Primeval Symbiosis: A life amongst the trees

Primeval Symbiosis is an architectural concept championed by student Konrad Wojcik, inspired by the idea of commensalism and earth’s four billion year legacy – the tree. The single-legged statement attempts to remedy the burgeoning spread of civilisation by integrating it peacefully amongst the forests that border our towns and cities.


“Just imagine, wooden structures brooding over the forest like trees,” Wojcik’s design sees our inhabitancy of forested areas done so in a carbon neutral manner, as the houses rely on solar for power and wind for ventilation.


The two-person abode is an unassuming addition to the natural landscape with a super modern façade and interior spread across four levels totalling in 61m2 in floorspace. A wardrobe and storage area at the bottom, kitchen and bathroom on the first level, an office like work space on the second level and bedroom on the third dedicates an area to each point of lifestyle.




Space saving design features such as alternating steps and integrated furniture pieces maximise the living areas functionality. The futuristic archi-shape meets modern needs by exceeding basic function on both a personal and environmental level.


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